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Hello everyone and Welcome to our unique online Functional Women’s Health platform

About VitaShe

VitaShe is our online  Functional Women’s Health platform.

VitaShe is all about what She (a woman) needs to reclaim her Vitality back…

About the founder

Hello and welcome everyone

My name is Mana Hagh, and I am the founder of VitaShe.

Apart of being blessed to be a woman and a mum, I am a proud chronic lyme disease survivor …

Functional Women's Health

Functional Health and medicine is a system biology-based that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. It is an evolution in…

Women's Health Challenges

At VitaShe we can help you with variety of women’s health challenges such as hormonal issues, Autoimmune conditions, chronic lyme disease and much more…

Functional Lab Analysis

A part of your usual lab testings and analysis done through your general doctor, we will use very specific and precise lab functional lab analysis at VitaShe…


We strongly recommend you to use our online appointment system in order to keep the recordings of your appointments…

Health Store

Welcome to our online health store where you can find a wide range of supplements and other health products recommended by VitaShe…

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